About V&F

The V & F Housing Enterprise Foundation was established by Ondine Spitzer and Hugh Belfrage in 2021 to promote housing affordability and accessibility in Australia. The Foundation aims to achieve this by resourcing the reform of policy settings that regulate the housing market and supporting those advocating for sufficient provision of housing by government.

Our Beliefs

Housing meets a fundamental human need for shelter. This imposes a responsibility on governments to facilitate access to housing similarly to health care and education. In Australia access to housing for most people is via the housing market. However the housing market is not fit for purpose and we have a housing crisis. Reforming the housing market will require changes in community thinking about housing to create the political space and pressure on governments for policy change.

Housing Affordability in Australia

Current government policies are shaping the housing market in increasingly damaging and exclusionary ways. The growth of house prices well beyond the rate of household income growth is fuelling intergenerational inequality. We need to reposition the home as a source of shelter and security for all, rather than material wealth.